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Yellowstone Club


  • Brand Management
  • Messaging
  • Print Collateral
  • Print Ads
  • Photography
  • Website Development
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Strategic Communications

Building the brand for the World's Only Private Ski & Golf Community was pretty amazing

When Yellowstone Club launched, it was a one-of-a-kind offering; gate-guarded privacy, skiing on a scale previously only seen at full-service public resorts, a first-class golf course, and amenities of a quality well beyond what had been seen in the Northwest to that point. Membership required significant personal wealth, and homes were typically from $5 to $15 million. 'Exclusive' only told part of the story.  

For much of the rapid growth period of Yellowstone Club's history (the early 2000s through 2008), Brickhouse was tasked with heading up the external marketing and brand management.

That meant working with the YC team in creating everything from branded ball caps to fire engine design, and from countless custom home brochures to photo shoots.

We developed graphics and collateral for the 'member outreach' program, and placed full-page ads and spreads in the Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, and dozens of other publications. 

When the economic downturn hit in 2008 and Blixseth sold the Club, new ownership had a relationship with an out-of-region agency that handled all of their properties, so our work with YC ended. The Club remains active today, although the model has shifted as the market's interests and priorities have changed.