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Wheat Montana


  • Packaging Strategy, Concept & Design
  • Website Development
  • Print Ad Concept & Design
  • Sales Collateral  
  • Point-of-Sale Graphics
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Photography & Video
Wheat Montana - Packaging Family

Corporate headquarters had a wheat field out back

Wheat Montana is one of the region's top brands of flour and bread.

They came to us several years ago looking for a marketing agency partner who could help them develop new packaging and support their growth.

As part of the packaging project, we wanted to better reposition the company's unique selling proposition—sure, other companies could talk about "quality" and "great taste" but no other company could boast Montana's pure mountain air and wheat fields out back of corporate headquarters where they grow their products.

Packaging that gets attention and opens doors 

As we continue to develop new packaging, the supporting imagery has also worked to solidify the brand, including award-winning photography, eye-catching vehicle graphics, a new web presence, and tradeshow graphics. As a side bonus, being able to enjoy the leftover bread after photo shoots keeps us covered for peanut butter and jelly lunches for weeks. 

We continue to hear great feedback about our Wheat Montana packaging designs, and have won numerous design awards including bagel and organic flour packaging. Wheat Montana has credited our packaging designs with gaining them entry into global-level customers like WalMart. And while the company's ownership profile means that — technically — corporate can't say those are Wheat Montana wheat fields, the brand's roots in Montana are something that continue to be strong, and we're proud of those ties. 

Wheat Montana - Flour Packaging Family
Wheat Montana - Natural White Flour and Cookies