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Propel Insurance


  • Set of 3 short films
  • Social media cut-downs
  • Film Festival Teaser Video
  • In-person interviews


The People are The Brand

We were approached by Propel, a fast-growing northwest insurance company, to produce some videos after they saw some work we did for an outdoor lodge client. At first, we thought it was an odd request — what did they see in our work that made them think insurance would be the right fit for us?

Well, we flew out and spent several days getting to know many of the people at Propel, as well as their dynamic president, and we began to realize our assumption had been wrong. We discovered that Propel's brand was built by their people and that their people had some pretty cool stories to tell. We distilled down multiple interviews to craft a set of 3 videos, with a goal of capturing and conveying the essence of the Propel brand by sharing a more personal, more emotional side of three of their employees.

The end result is three short films that indirectly highlight Propel's uniquely people-focused approach to business (to appeal to potential new clients), while simultaneously providing a subtle-yet-compelling recruitment tool for new staff. The videos will be used on the company website, as well as shared on social media and other outbound marketing efforts.

We really enjoyed getting to know some folks we otherwise never would have met, and were reminded that wonderful people with interesting stories are all around us if we take a little time to get to know them.