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Opportunity Bank of Montana


  • Branding Refinement
  • Business Identity & Sales Collateral
  • Ad Campaign Concept
  • Print & Digital Advertising
  • Billboards
  • Annual Reports
  • Website Design
  • Photography

How to connect finance with fun? No problem

With a bank, people expect ads that focus on interest rates and headshots. Instead, when Opportunity Bank of Montana asked us to develop a mobile banking campaign, we worked through fresh ideas to take people out of the bank and into the outdoors.

But first, OBM needed immediate assistance on creating a large volume of graphics and collateral that came as a result of a recent renaming (from American Federal Savings Bank). We were able to handle the production of everything from business cards through in-store banners, and then quickly moved into production of their annual reports.

Our award-winning “Bank Outside the Bank” campaign was designed to convey the fact that OBM’s mobile platform brings the kind of flexibility that lets their customers enjoy the unique lifestyle that Montana affords.

The project involved concepting the headline, as well as sourcing or shooting images that fit the very specialized requirements (not stock, recognizably local, space for text, representative of the different parts of their service areas, etc.).

We continue to help OBM with a variety of projects and reports, glad to act as their reliable resource for strategic design.