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Madison Double R


  • Logo/Identity
  • Website Development
  • Video
  • Lifestyle Photos
  • Copywriting
  • Hat and Shirt Design
Madison Double R - Responsive Website

A new tradition at a legendary location.

After 20-some years, long time Brickhouse clients decided it was time to explore a ‘new fork’ in their professional lives and establish the ideal fishing lodge based on decades of experience. They chose the Madison River, arguably one of the most famous wild trout fly fisheries in the world, as the setting, and began designing the lodge and amenities. 

Our task was to develop a logo/identity that would capture both an upscale vibe, but with a visual reference to fly fishing – while also giving a nod to “River Ranch” which was the name of the original working ranch property. Madison Double R’s logo integrates a fly illustration in a unique way, and from there, we moved into website design and hat and t-shirt design as well.

Madison Double R Shirts and Hats
Madison Double R Tumblers

Madison Double R soon evolved into a "more than a fishing lodge" experience, so we created a video to capture and convey the many activities and amenities guests will experience. 

We continue to help grow the M2R brand, integrated an online store into the site, and continue to work on various digital and print marketing projects and adding to the photo library. 


Madison Double R - Rainbow Trout