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Inspired Madness


  • Logo/Identity
  • Website Development
  • Print and Digital Ads
  • Menu Design
  • Video
  • Signage

A brand so strong you can taste it. Yum

Inspired Madness is the business name for the management group that operates several southwest Montana restaurants: The Nova Cafe, Feed Cafe, Lot G, and The Daily Coffee Bar are the main storefronts. Being Inspired Madness's first foray into the regional restaurant business, we've gotten a lot of positive comments about our work for The Nova Cafe over the years, still one of the region's most popular breakfast and lunch eateries. Our friends at Nova let us have a lot of fun with their brand, where the combination of edgy attitude and truly excellent food and service offered us an awesome palette (pun intended) on which to work. 

Beginning with the logo, which we slowly evolved at different times, we developed all of their collateral, including the signage, menus, and related messaging. The website we created for Nova won a design award, though like all the sites we design, it needed to function well and be easy to find menu offerings first and foremost. 

We also Nova introduce their 'grab-n-go' adjacent storefront called Nova A*Go*Go, by developing a logo and signage that fit with their interior design concepts.

Then it was the launch of Feed Cafe, which required a totally different vibe: darker wood, a sort of farmhouse vibe, and a bit more refined tone for this concept. From the logo concept through the unique signage, Feed was a lot of fun to craft.

More than just food

Lot G is a small breakfast and lunch joint with a gluten-free menu. Once again, we took the brand in yet another direction, this time cleaner and a little more modern than the others. We continue to stop in at all of their restaurants to enjoy their unique offerings and wait to see what Inspired Madness will cook up next.