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Gallatin City-County Health Department


  • 30-Second Public Service Announcement
  • Digital Marketing Campaign

Helping protect our community from COVID-19, ASAP.

Like many communities, the novel coronavirus appeared suddenly in the Gallatin Valley and was causing immediate upheaval. Brickhouse was asked to create a public service announcement to support the efforts of Healthy Gallatin, which is part of the Gallatin County-City Health Department. Our goal was to develop graphics and a tone that fit the culture here and would be more than the expected approach. The trick was, it needed to be done as quickly as possible.

We went straight to work — all of us working remotely but in constant contact — in concepting an idea to promote preventive measures to reduce community transmission. We used recognized voices from community members to make a more direct connection between the community and the issue. We paired the verbal content with unique line drawings that would appeal to the local audience.

Within 72 hours, we had the spot completed and developed a digital marketing campaign that was ready to launch. We were able to reach 62% of Gallatin County residents within the narrow two-week timeframe. The effort was well-received, and it was a particularly rewarding project for Brickhouse as we felt like we were helping to make a positive impact for Gallatin County.