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Breakline Optics


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Helping consumers see the light—and the fish.

When the owners of Breakline Optics came to us, the company had been selling their sunglasses for several years. But they were lacking a clear direction for the brand and hadn’t really explored all potential retail sales avenues.

We took them through the process of essentially re-launching the brand, with an update to the visual identity, and a strong new website design driven by lifestyle photography we shot over several weeks.

Since our staff spends a ton of time outdoors, we know that Breakline sunglasses are easily on par with the national brands—but at a lower cost, and with better customer service. That suggested to us that the bulk of the marketing efforts should be to ‘gain eyeballs,’ so we launched a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

From hands-on social media management through special offers and brand ambassador partnerships, we enjoyed helping Breakline begin to realize their vision of offering a national-level mountain lifestyle brand.