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Jaya Knuth

Marketing Specialist

Jaya was born and raised in Southeast Wisconsin, AKA the land of cheese and beer.

She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a BBA in Marketing and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. 

During her time at UWM, she gained experience with marketing and graphic design while working for their restaurant operations department on campus.

Prior to moving out to Bozeman, she provided marketing and graphic design for her family’s bar and restaurant in Cedarburg, WI (coincidentally named Bozeman’s Bar). She also interned as the Creative Marketer for a nonprofit that serves meals to the hungry and homeless in Milwaukee.

In her free time, Jaya enjoys creating art, skiing, hiking, kayaking, dancing, eating cheese, and drinking beer.


  • ROLES:  Marketing Specialist, Project Manager, Resident Gen Z
  • LIKES:  Exploring new places and making quiche
  • QUOTABLE:  "Age is something that doesn't matter unless you are cheese."