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Colleen Cronin

Marketing Strategist

Colleen Cronin

Colleen was born in Bozeman and moved as a toddler to Anchorage, AK, where she grew up. She has a psychology degree (business minor) from the University of Idaho and has worked at ad agencies in Anchorage and Denver in account leadership roles on clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits.  

At Brickhouse, Colleen conducts market and consumer research, assists in business development, manages budgets, and plays a key role in campaign strategy development and execution.

When she’s not at Brickhouse, Colleen teaches Pilates, skis, runs with her dog, Toby, and travels as much as she can. 


  • ROLES:  Business Development, Coffee Maker, Marketing Strategist
  • LIKES:  Soft serve ice cream, discovering new hot springs, and getting outside with her dog, Toby
  • QUOTABLE:  "YOU GUYS! Dwight Yoakam just followed me on Instagram."