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Cara Fox

Project Manager

Cara Fox

Cara is from a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland—does the movie Wedding Crashers ring a bell? She received her BA in Business Administration from Roanoke College in Virginia.

Prior to moving to Bozeman, Cara worked for an internet strategy consulting firm in Washington, DC as the assistant director of operations where she became highly skilled at juggling multiple projects at once. Her husband wanted to pursue a masters degree in geology and they jumped at the opportunity to move to the wild west. Seeing that her husband continued to further his education, Cara also attended Montana State University, where she took classes in graphic design to satisfy her creative side.

At Brickhouse, Cara deftly manages projects, helps clients develop their brand, and is an integral part of the Brickhouse creative process. Out of the office, Cara is an avid hiker and enjoys living a lifestyle of endless outdoor activity.


  • ROLES:  Project Manager, To-Do List Conquerer, Jane-of-All-Trades
  • LIKES:  A cold beer after a long hike, or just a cold beer
  • QUOTABLE: "The baby is great, but will I ever get a good night's sleep again?"