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Abby McMillen

Graphic Designer

Abby McMillen

Abby’s career spans nearly three decades and includes stints at advertising agencies both large and small. In demanding environments with tight deadlines and high expectations, she quickly learned the value of working with a solid team. 

In 2003, Abby relocated to Bozeman, and in 2007 she joined Brickhouse as our Lead Designer and Creative Strategist. A strategy maven who loves to deliver work that is both relevant and clever, she acts as co-creative director with David, heads up our design department, project manages when necessary, is learning video editing, and is our HR director as well. Sometimes, we even let her answer the phone.

A fitness enthusiast, Abby is an instructor at the Ridge Athletic Club and has also created a busy niche for herself with disarmingly simple dog paintings called Folk Dog Art. In her free time, she enjoys climbing, hiking, camping, and chasing sunshine with her bernedoodle, Quincy.


  • ROLES:  Graphic Designer, Creative Strategist, Grammar Aficionado, little-a artist
  • LIKES:  lowercase letters, true crime podcasts, the beach
  • QUOTABLE:  "That makes my whole scalp prickle."