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"Life is short. Work with—and for—people you like."

- Everyone at Brickhouse

Whether big or small,  whatever the product or service, it’s the more in-depth, more interconnected, longer-term sorts of client relationships that we find most fulfilling—personally and professionally.

We always strive for clear communication and transparency, and avoid confusing marketing-speak; we embrace a team attitude, not “we know you better than you;” in our admin, there are no hidden markups or surprise invoices. We’re defined by efficiency, expertise, attentiveness, and passion—oh, and humor and likeability, too.

And while we are on the subject of us...

  • Our team is family. We believe that a low stress, fun, and creative work environment produces happier staffers, and in turn, better work.
  • We’re in it for the long haul, even when the short-term path seems easier.
  • We never want to forget that we choose to live in the Rocky Mountain West for a reason, and things like work should never cloud our ability to appreciate its unique culture, beauty, and outdoor opportunities.
  • We continue to take on free or discounted work for numerous non-profits and community organizations — because, if it’s a good thing for our world, why shouldn’t we try to help?

Carefully cultivated over the years, these are what built Brickhouse.