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Launching a new brand begins with the target audience, but shouldn't ignore the personality of the owner(s) either.

Swan Land Company Website

Ranch realtor Mike Swan had just left a larger partnership to strike out on his own, and he and his partners came to us to develop their foundational branding. Per our usual process, we began with a meeting where Mike discussed everything from target client to his personal tastes and priorities when it comes to design and marketing. From this strategic perspective, we developed a logo and business letterhead package for Swan Land Company, an initial print ad design, as well as a vision for web development.

The Swan Land Co. website is designed to appeal to their upscale target market, be easy to navigate, and have a good presence in all the major search engines.Additionally, the site is updated with new listings and news frequently, so we worked with SLC to learn how to self-update the site to keep content fresh.


Swan Land Company Logo     Swan Land Company Business Cards

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