Silver Star Resource Management


Who doesn't love Montana, its outdoor recreation, and finding ways of preserving its natural resources? And who wouldn't mind making a few dollars while enjoying all that?

The business model of Silver Star Resource Management is three-fold; to purchase ranches and recreational property, then leverage the group's network of agricultural, sporting, and natural resource experts to improve the land, and finally to sell the property for what can potentially be a significant return on the initial investment. But there's an upside — during the project's progress, investors can experience superb private fishing, hunting, and general enjoyment. So if you are one of those folks who loves Montana, this is a pretty strong 'win-win' in our opinion.
We were first tasked with establishing a brand that communicated a level of sophistication, along with a sense of the West, to start. We also then developed a website to highlight the group's past and current projects, though imagery and video.
We're continuing to help Silver Star Resource Management with updating projects and imagery, as well as having produced a brochure for their Circle 9 Cattle Company/Scotch Creek project. 
Silver Star Resource Management Cards     Silver Star Resource Management Scotch Creek Brochure
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