Montana Gift Corral


When you want a strong brand, consistency is king. 

When we were approached by the owners of Montana Gift Corral, we did not realize that they owned multiple locations, nor did we know that they owned the Copper Horse Restaurant in Bozeman's airport — and that's the reason they asked for our help.

Our marching orders were to develop a consistent brand across all channels, all locations, and to deliver some of their key attributes (locally-owned, etc.) in consistent messaging. At the same time, Montana Gift Corral is a store, so we had to blend branding with specific products in much of the advertising.

Our new branded print ads used brighter colors, fun fonts, and a variety of elements to bring life to the family of stores while still delivering that consistency. 

As another part of this new approach, we developed a radio ad, and for the holiday season, a television ad as well. We felt it important to do a better job of conveying the key attributes in a more sophisticated manner, but with some humor as well. The end result has been an increase in awareness among consumers, as well as better positioning for the brand moving forward.

Montana Gift Corral Ads

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