Hotel Impossible


While sometimes Brickhouse feels like a reality show, this is the first time we were actually on one.Evergreen Motel

We were contacted out of the blue by The Travel Channel, who tracked us down because they felt “Brickhouse looks like you really understand the Montana vibe” and they needed an agency to be a part of a ‘rebranding’ of two mom-and-pop motels up in Libby, Montana (the Evergreen and the Sandman). The show, called “Hotel Impossible,” is a nationally-televised reality show where the host, hotel expert Anthony Melchiorri, comes in and essentially offers consulting and advice for how to make a hotel more profitable. This advice ranges from ‘tough love’ consulting though significant infrastructure upgrades – or for our episode, new branding.

Evergreen Hotel

We were honored to have been selected to be a part of the program, so Brickhouse staffers David and Jessie braved bad winter roads to drive up to Libby and showed up as construction was just being completed on the Evergreen’s new lobby.

While they didn’t know what to expect, it turned out they were on air for several minutes, describing the process and results of Brickhouse’s work.

It was a whirlwind of an experience, but the Brickhouse team found it both interesting and also rewarding—it was very emotional for the owners, and it felt good to be helping folks in a small Montana town take a few good steps forward in marketing their charming accommodations.


Sandman MotelSandman Motel Logo 

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