Big R Stores


Big R Stores of Illinois and Indiana were big alright, but little branding. 

Big R is actually a nationwide buying group made up of numerous individual companies split out by region. Our client owns the 16 Big R Stores located in Illinois and Indiana, and while they have enjoyed great success over the years, it was without much brand story development. 

We worked with our media strategy partner, True Media, to craft a television commercial we called "Garden Super Hero, " to begin the work of building an emotional connection between the store and its customerbase. We also produced several radio ads in support of the campaign, and are continuing to produce more television and ad work.

During this process we developed a tagline "Real Folks. Real Values. Big R." that we felt helped close the loop on what matters most to Big R customers. We see great potential for the brand as we continue to help Big R be known as more than just another farm and ranch store, but something with real heart and soul. 

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